Craven Collection of Classic Bikes

Stockton on Forest YORK

You might just want these
phone Dick on 07467195610
 mz speedo cables . various lengths . clutch & brake cables   all £6.50 inc p&p
 vincent rear cyl head had exhaust stub welded on so pipe pushes over, been used for racing  1"1/4 inlet                                £500

MOTC testing  on motorcycles, cars & light commercials  
      at cravens garage murton york     01904488461    or 400493

 CASTROL classic oils & castrol R40 race oil  £38  4ltr
  XL30  XXL40  GP50  20/50  classic    £23 a gallon

mz speedo cables   55"  59"  31"  33"  39" slot one end square the other  all £8 inc p&p
mz speedo cables 59" spade one end square the other
mz brake & clutch cables 48" long  same nipple both ends
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