Craven Collection of Classic Bikes

Stockton on Forest YORK
My Grass Bike Outfit.

A typical grass outfit originally built and raced by Dick Craven from York used a 650-Triumph engine, Norton gearbox running on Methanol,"dope".   replaced triumph eng ,with a 998cc VINCENT  engine for more power




Their owners built most of the outfits in the 60's but this started to change and by the 70's experts professionally built lots of machines.


                           998cc  NORVIN ,  vincent eng in norton featherbed frame . got to be THE ULTIMATE CAFE RACER.

 BSA  650cc rocket goldie sprint bike,built & raced by me in the 60s, running on petrol did standing 1/4 in 11.77

998cc NORVIN vincent eng sprinter ,currently raced by me,running on methanol does standing 1/4 in 10.76 @ 122mph


1960 norvin after rebuild                                                  before rebuild                                         1960 norvin after rebuild  bit of a dog ?
norvin hillcimb bike
998 vincent  16.1.11
built by dick craven
998 vincent 16.1.11

 to be raced  2011

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