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Stockton on Forest YORK
1960 BSA 650 Gold Flash.

BSA A7 Shooting Star: 1946-61, 497cc, ohv twin, 420lb, 55mpg, 90mph

Splendid tough twin with smooth power up to 75mph. From 1954 with duplex frame, swinging arm, and better brakes gave good steering which was let down by poor lights.
The A7SS Shooting Star is the tuned version sporty (A7SS), which had an alloy head, improved suspension and full width hubs.
BSA A50 Royal Star: 1962-70, 499cc, ohv twin, 420lbs, 60mpg, 90mph

Unit construction replacement for the A7, that has little vibration and lacks in performance.
A good looking bike which is reliable, because it's hard to thrash them, if not sluggish machine.
Became the Royal Star in 1965 after a brief sporting flurry as the A50C ‘Cyclone’ and A50CC ‘Cyclone Clubman’, and then as the ‘Wasp’ which was mainly for the USA.
BSA A10 Golden Flash Road Rocket, Super Rocket: 1951-63, 646cc, ohv twin, 440lb, 55mpg, 105mph

Bored and stroked version of the A7. The A10 was sold as the Golden Flash with flash style.
The Road Rocket had a bit more go and as the Super Rocket slightly better.

This is the bike used in that well-known television series situated in the rural fictional village of Aidensfield, Goathland, near Whitby, Yorkshire.



She was a genuine police bike based in Lincoln on the Scamblesby beat ridden by the late Bill Odlin.
She was rebuilt by myself in about 1990, and then used in a well known television series set in Goathland, near Whitby, Yorkshire, to a Francis Barnet, as the "new bobby" wanted a bit more power.
So, for the last three years, she has appeared on Sunday evening through the winter, not including repeats.


The picture above was taken in Goathland outside the mallyon ,                                                                                                                           
    with jason durr in 1999                                                                                   above .GARRY BARLOW in heartbeat,            

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greengrasses farm


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moggy with v8 rover
 built by cravens

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york lads in heartbeat

willmot you think its
kids programme my
parents are aliens
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willmot  reliant robin
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the bsa is not what it looks
its a 550 yamaha  trail
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